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We are the leading provider of at home, school and center-based ABA Therapy in South Florida for 15+ years.

Parent Training

At Mestre Behavior, we strive to empower families to efficiently handle problem behavior and teach appropriate skills. We offer parent training (for parents, family members and teachers) both as a component of our regular therapy programs and as a separate service for parents simply looking for procedures to handle behavior problems.

Parent training leads to more confident parenting, less problem behaviors at home and faster acquisition and generalization of language and social skills targeted in a child’s therapeutic or academic environment.


Some of the common topics covered in parent training are:

  • Noncompliance

  • Generalization of Language Skills

  • Toilet Training

  • Food Acceptance

  • Child Responding to His/Her Name

  • On-task Behavior/Task Completion (this can be applied to homework)

  • Following Directions

  • Difficulty Accepting “no”

  • Difficulty with Transitions

All Parent Training is done by our behavior analysts in our therapy center, homes, schools and in the community.  



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