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Our Services

We are the leading provider of at home, school and center-based ABA Therapy in South Florida for 15+ years.

School Support

The behavior analysts and therapists at Mestre Behavior provide school support for children and their parents, offering shadowing, contribution to IEP meetings and academic tutoring.


We offer one-to-one shadowing during a child’s regular classroom hours in both public and private schools. Our goal is to promote academic and social independence, to better facilitate transitions, and reduce problem behavior in the classroom.

IEP Meetings

Our behavior analysts also attend IEP meetings and parent/teacher conferences to contribute to goal selection and provide support for parents when making placement decisions.


Mestre Behavior therapists provide academic tutoring for children who struggle with mastery of skills taught traditionally in the classroom. The specific skill deficits can be addressed with ABA therapy procedures used to break the skills down into more easily taught components. 



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