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Mother of a 4-year old princess with developmental delays and feeding difficulties

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“Our daughter Maya started at Mestre Behavior Development almost a year ago. She is eager to go “play” at Ashley’s every day. Maya is now able to communicate with us in a way that we can understand her. That means the world to her daddy and I. we do not know how to express our gratitude. We would recommend Mestre Behavior Development and their lovely therapists to all the parents who are in need of assistance for their child. They will work with you!”

Julian’s Mom

City, State

“My son Julian has been with Mestre Behavior Development for over two years. He began as he was turning 4 years old. He has just turned 6 and has made significant progress in his time with this group. When he began, he had many maladaptive behaviors and was almost completely non-verbal. His negative behaviors have been minimized and his communication has improved tremendously. I have recommended them to other parents of children who have any sort of developmental delay or behavioral problems and have every confidence in their abilities. Their commitment to the progress of the children they see is extraordinary and they are diligent about keeping the parents informed and involved. They have taken an advisory role in his education as well, attending IEP meetings and other meetings with school administrators and teachers. They are now working as shadows for my son to help him adapt to his academic environment. I rely on them tremendously for Julian’s improvement and continued success.”

Nina’s Mom

City, State

“Our daughter Nina began therapy with Ashley when she was 20 months old. Nina was diagnosed in the autistic spectrum because of her developmental delay in speech. When Nina started with Ashley she was completely non-verbal. She is now 28 months old and has made remarkable progress. Nina is saying words, her attention span and eye contact have improved tremendously, and her ability to transition activities as well as her social skills have developed significantly. We are so thrilled with her progress and are very grateful to Ashley for the positive experience Nina has had! Ashley embodies all the characteristics that are essential in a therapist. She and her staff are dedicated, caring and patient. I highly recommend Ashley to any parent whose child has developmental delays. I believe that with Ashley’s guidance, Nina will have continued progress and success and eventually not fall in the spectrum any longer.”

Mother of a 4-year old with PDD

City, State

“When our son was diagnosed with P.D.D. at age three, we were told that early intervention was key. When he started receiving therapy with Mestre Behavior Development we expected to see a gradual improvement in his communication and social skills. We were so pleased and excited when we noticed positive changes in him after his first week of therapy. Mestre Behavior Development has given and continues to give our son the tools he needs to share his feelings, express his needs and most importantly to make and keep friends. Each day he communicates more effectively and each day his outlook is brighter. Ashley, we can never thank you enough.”

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